PORTFOLIO PRODUCTS TONINO LAMBORGHINI Frontpoint has been designing 3 types of mobile-phones and 5 different headphones for Tonino Lamborghini since 2012. Tonino Lamborghini, as a high end Italian luxury brand, holds the spirit of being able innovate and to dare to show something different; and always show a shocking and challenging visual performance to people. We had defined Tonino Lamborghini their own product identity as seen below
- Sharp line - Surfaces constituted by triangle or hexagon - Luxury material
- High tech with great craft
Aside from using the best materials during the products’ design, we also have to solve the issues that came with the process of production, using specialized production method such as precision machining and metal forging to create the one and only collection for Tonino Lamborghini
TL88 Lamborghini Watches
HP-EN Headphone
TL33 HP-MID BT Headphone
Lamborghini Speaker
Ear-plug Headphone
PHILIPS Frontpoint has been PHILIPS’ video product line’s design partner in Asia from 2006 to 2010, during the period we were involved with all the designs that were related to LCD monitor, LCD TV and HDMI wireless box.
As a world famous brand, PHILIPS has a complete support system with the connection between their brand and the design of their products. From participating courses in PHILIPS’ head design office in Holland, we became familiar with PHILIPS’ branding strategy, and facilitated the method into our process of designing the video product line.
During the process of designing the LCD monitor, PHILIPS had offered a full package of product identity which included the smile curve; on the other hand, to perform the concept of the smile curve in visual form, Frontpoint experimented with many different methods such as the display surface, LCD light and 3D structure. We differentiated the product’s level by assigning different colors, which helped PHILIPS to create a diverse but consistent series of product models.
 PHILIPS Monitor PHILIPS Monitor
DESIGN SERVICE Frontpoint has been offering product design service to many companies for years. Our designing specialties includes electronic devices, household appliances, and LED lights and furnitures. During designing services, Frontpoint holds the belief of design for production; through continuos communication and negotiation with the production department, every design that proposed by Frontpoint is evaluated thoroughly in the possibility of production, we also maintain a high quality manufacturing process standard, assembly quality and the cost of production.
Water Dispenser
YENSUN Air Purifier