PORTFOLIO VISUAL GEMHSIN GemHsin was established in 1986, is has been very committed to develop CCD identify recognition and fingerprint recognition. GemHsin came to Frontpoint for a rebrand when doing enterprise transformation in 2010, we visualized the technique of image analysis in the new logo, and also set the terms of use of their enterprise standard color.
Not only rebranding the company, Frontpoint were also in charge of GemHsin’s entire visual and product design from 2010 to 2012. During the period of cooperation, Frontpoint had successfully help GemHsin rebuilt a new enterprise image in that transformation.
ECOGEN Taiwan Lighting is a famous brand of LED lights, it has put in BIS design in the beginning when the brand was found. In designing the log for Taiwan Lighting, Frontpoint combine light bulb with tree leave to visualize the spirit of the company which is energy saving, and lighting.
Not only Frontpoint had designed the whole series of Taiwan Lighting’s LED lights models, we also include the service of visual design such as packaging and catalog, to help Taiwan Lighting built up as a professional brand of LED company.
TAIHAO Frontpoint designed a new packaging for chocolate brand TAIHAO, not only considering the product speciality and target audience, we also enhance the functionality of the package to cope with the difficulties that may occur during transportation.
Another key point of the design was to show creativities when the whole series of products were displayed on the shelf, Frontpoint successfully present an authentic design by using the splicing skill on this packaging.